Water Baptism

Baptism is the outward symbol of what has already transpired in the heart of the one who has trusted the Lord Jesus Christ for full salvation.  

We understand and believe that baptism is not a "sacrament" that imparts saving grace, but an ordinance.  We are not saved by baptism, but by faith in Jesus Christ and His blood "...cleanses us from all sin" (I John 1:7).

  1. Are you ready to identify with Jesus and say to the world, "I am His."

  2. Are you ready to leave any areas of known sins in your lifestyle?

  3. Are you ready to walk in a new life the other believers here at Christian Life International Church?

If your heart bears witness to the Word of God concerning water baptism & you can answer "yes" to the questions above, we are here to help you in obedience to the ordinances of Jesus.  Please fill out the contact form below & someone will contact you concerning water baptism.  

We rejoice with you in your obedience to Jesus Christ!

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